Amritsari Aloo Paratha Recipe

Soya chunks curry is the delicious main course dish made with soyabean chunks and potatoes. This is a medium thick gravy recipe, spiced up with the indian. Naan is very popular bread. This recipe is a tasty twist to naan stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes. Aloo naan can be served by itself or any gravy based. Kulcha is made from maida flour, water, a pinch of salt and a leavening agent. Yeast or old kulcha dough. Mixed together by hand to make a very. Amritsari murg makhani is an authentic punjabi dish, chicken is simply made in the unique amritsari gravy and flavored with fresh cream and pure ghee.
We are home of indian comfort food. Experience the best of indian street food, grills regional curries with authentic taste. Delivery takeout available. Follow this dum aloo punjabi recipe and learn how to make mouth watering truly punjabi style dum aloo with curd based, kasuri methi flavored gravy at home. Get an insight into the indian vegetarian recipes and dishes. Vegetarian cooking of india is easy and simple. Layered paratha laced with ajwain. Stuffed with spicy boiled potato and onions mix. Aloo cheese paratha.