Navi Puppey Height

Watch navi dota2 highlights vs team secret at maincast. Dendi pudge puppey chen fountain hooking. Ivanov is an estonian professional dota 2 player currently captaining for team secret. Clement has enjoyed one of the most decorated. This mousesports lineup attended dreamhack winter. With puppey acting as stand. Interview with kuroky. Starladder season 3 by navi. Puppey became natus vincere. S captain after artstyle. S departure from the team in october. After the international. Puppey went on to captain na. Vi to a successful second place in both the international. And the international. And multiple other high place finishes.
Puppey and kuroky left na. Vi in general discussion. Kick xboct, get black and navi is fine. T kick puppey, puppey left. Commonly known as puppey, is an estonian professional dota 2 player for team secret. He is the founding member of team. I saw navi a few years ago at mlg. I saw walking puppey and dendi walking to their hotel rooms after the second day of the even and holy shit you would not. M waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on this i never found a solid answer. I heard the mumbo jumbo about puppey wanting to move on.